Paradox: The Time Travel Podcast

Episode 20: Project Almanac


Finally, we’ve come to the smoking hot Imagine Dragons concert of Time Travel, Project Almanac.

After a ridiculous nine-month delay brought on by familial responsibilities, job responsibilities, and excuse-making, the Paradox podcast is finally back! We’re sorry.

We’ve powered through, though, and we’re finally back with an episode about Peggy Sue Got Married! Oh, wait, no, for some reason we didn’t do that even though it had been requested, and we hoped over to Project Almanac instead. We’ll come back to you, Peggy Sue and Nicolas Cage doing that voice for some reason.

Meanwhile, sci-fi found footage tale Project Almanac starts off strong, but quickly gets lost in the time travel, mostly because it never really establishes any rules. Sure, fixing your chemistry test and watching an Imagine Dragons concert is cool, but these supposedly genius kids never consider things like the Butterfly Effect or the Marty McFly “Close Enough” Axiom. And what’s the deal with David’s dad? They never explain that.

Anyway, listen to Episode 20 here:

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