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Episode 13: Twelve Monkeys and La Jetée

Finally, we’ve come to smoking hot viral-end-of-the-world-and-animals-inherit-the-Earth of Time Travel: “12 Monkeys.” And “La Jetée,” the short film it’s based on, as well.

Look, this is our longest episode, and one of us is neck-deep in the hundreds of thousands of people-strong insanity that is Comic-Con. So go ahead and listen, because we’re feeling a little nuts.

12 monkeys brad pitt

Also, one more mega-huge thanks to listener Tim Taber for his generous donation to the cause of talking about time travel movies!

Listen to Episode 13 right here:

In this episode:

  • Phil’s at Comic-Con!
  • “12 Monkeys,” “La Jetée,” and “12 Monkeys” again
  • The Ruined Future of “12 Monkeys”
  • You Can’t Change the Past Apparently
  • 1990, WWI, and 1996
  • The Cassandra Complex
  • Brad Pitt’s Greatest Role: Jeffrey Goines
  • “I am insane, and you are my insanity.”
  • Railly is Convinced
  • The Vision
  • The End
  • The Timelines
  • “La Jetée”
  • “12 Monkeys” on TV
  • Big Thanks to Tim Taber, Episode Sponsor
  • Comic-Con Again

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