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Episode 9: Timecop

Finally, we’ve come to the smoking hot “Jean-Claude Van Damme one-liner-laden ass-kicking that melts you into goo” of time travel: Timecop.

You don’t need rules in Timecop, unless those rules are “Never cross JCVD,” “Never time travel for personal gain,” and “Never let the same matter occupy the same space at the same time.” We break down the timelines (there are a few), the motivations of the characters (not many as it turns out), and whatever else there is to discuss in Timecop this week. Mostly we talk about JCVD kicking dudes’ asses.

timecop time travel gif

Catch this week’s episode below:

In This Episode:
-How to Watch Timecop: Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play
-New Donate button!
-Catching up with “Time Lapse”
-The weirdo, never again relevant opening scene of “Timecop”
-You Can’t Kill Hitler
-You Can’t Travel to the Future (Except When You Can and Do)
-Van Damme’s Ass
-All About Entwood, McComb and a variety of time travel henchmen
-The Nonsensical time machine of “Timecop”
-Alternate 2004
-McComb is Terrible at Villainy
-The Same Matter Can’t Occupy the Same Space
-Timeline Breakdown

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