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Episode 7: Timecrimes

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Finally, we’ve come to the smoking hot “hellish causality loop in which free will doesn’t exist but in Spanish” of time travel: Timecrimes (or Los Cronocrímenes).

Director Ignacio “Nacho” Vigalondo’s time travel story follows our take on Looper. It’s another time loop movie, but this time the loop is actually a loop, complete with the fatalistic feeling that it’s impossible to break free, and that all of time — past, present and future — are already set.

If you haven’t seen Timecrimes, as always, listening to this episode will ruin it for you. So stream it beforehand! Phil and Nick recently revisited the movie and found that a few versions, including Amazon’s, are only available dubbed and have sound issues. Check out the version on Vudu for the original Spanish audio track with English subtitles, which is the superior version.

Oh, and sorry for the delay between episodes! One-half of a podcast duo becoming a father has some strange temporal stretching effects on the production of time travel story analyses, we’ve discovered. Interns are currently investigating (read: providing free babysitting labor).

Listen to this episode below:

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