Paradox: The Time Travel Podcast

Episode 4: Terminator, Terminator 2, Terminator 3

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Finally, we’ve come to the smoking hot machine overlord of time travel: “The Terminator.”

James Cameron’s seminal action movie about a robot from the future trying to annihilate his future competition by killing him before he’s born isn’t the most cogent of time travel stories — it basically exists thanks to some fudged rules of causality that allow one person to chase another through time without feeling the effects of the first person’s travel — but it’s a solid story and one of the best-known examples of time travel in film.

Unfortunately, the longer “Terminator” goes on, the more batshit it becomes. And we’re covering the original three movies in one go in this Arnold-size episode of the Paradox Podcast.

-“The Terminator”
-Following someone into the past and how that doesn’t actually make sense
-The Multi-Connor
-Know Your Robot: T-101 vs. T-800
-“Terminator 2”
-“No Fate but What We Make”
-Skynet’s Origins
-“Terminator 3”
-“Judgment Day is Inevitable”
-No one in “Terminator” knows what the hell they’re talking about
-A “Terminator” Multiverse?


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